Our Team

Our Team

We consider our team members to be similar to trees in a forest - each one unique, providing different functions within the system. Combined together, we create a beatuiful composition. 

Meet The Trees (Team)

Jim's interest in the field of landscape architecture began in a high school drafting class. On to the University of Wisconsin and 29 seasons later he is doing what he loves. Passionately building and caring for outdoor spaces, collaborating with his team and clients, and encouraging people to love being outside. "There is no bad weather, only poor clothing choices." If he isn't working in the landscape, playing in it is a perfect way to see the sun rise and set.


Paul Knapp is the operations manager and CAD landscape designer for O’Brien Landscape.  He specializes in creating 2D and 3D landscape drawings.  Paul has over 15 years in the landscape industry and holds several relevant certifications.  A graduate of The University of Iowa, he received his B.A. of Fine Arts with an emphasis on design.  In his spare time, Paul is passionate about playing his guitar, traveling, camping, and sports.  Paul is a “glass half full” type of guy, and he brings that attitude to every project which he is involved.


Gina Giannetti joined the O'Brien team in 2015 as a licensed landscape architect and a University of Illinois alumna with a BS in Horticulture and graduate degree in Landscape Architecture. Gina's primary area of expertise is in residential design on Chicago's north shore, with past projects ranging from lakefront properties to suburban retreats, historic restorations, rural estates, and urban rooftop gardens. Gina's role as designer is to transform site challenges into opportunities to create functional, beautiful spaces. She is a self-declared "tree nerd" with strange ability to remember botanical plant names. Outside the design studio, Gina is a two-time national championship competitor for USA weightlifting and has plans to be a repeat competitor for as many years as fate and her elbows will allow.


Lisa O’Brien has worked at O’Brien Landscape since it’s inception.  She had previously worked in health care administration then became a full time mom and part time bookkeeper for O’Brien Landscape.  Her duties are in the back office, handling accounts receivable and payable.  She always balances the company checkbook to the penny.  She is now the CFO and she is not allowed to touch the plants.


Kyle graduated from Indiana University in 2014 with a degree in biology. He joined the O’Brien team as permanent member during the 2014 season but already has two seasons under his belt. Kyle plays a utility role, helping out in virtually every division of O’Brien Landscape. This 2015 season you will see him out in the field answering any jobsite specific questions and helping coordinate the chaos O’Brien Landscape calls a “typical workday”. 


Virgil is a master carpenter who started his journey over 20 years ago, hanging drywall. Virgil is a handyman of many trades including fences, pergolas, cabinets, decks, tree houses, bathroom remodeling, and pretty much anything else you can dream up using wood. His craftsmanship is unparalleled and we are proud to say this is his tenth year working with O’Brien Landscape. Check out some of his work under Landscape Carpentry